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Weekend Escapes

are our specialty…

Gather a few friends and head off for the South Coast for a relaxing, pampering weekend. 

The beautiful south coast has a very underused piece of paradise that we call home. Many of the beaches we frequent are inaccessible by road and are pristine. So join us on our spacious SHARMAREL, Beach Daze’s 10.5m Sailing Catamaran.

Spend a glorious day sailing Jervis Bay luxuriating in the sun, watching for dolphins, having a quiet chat, enjoying good food and good company.

Anchor up and dive overboard for a swim or just potter around snorkeling, laze about, read a book, have a BBQ lunch, and then sail some more before heading for home.

We can cater for up to 30 passengers so why not have your next Christmas Party or other function onboard.

We’ll return you to shore happy, contented and relaxed………

Ready to face the world again!


Stay at the lovely Greystone house in Callala Bay

Welcome to Myola on Jervis Bay

Car Finance Calculator Tips

A car finance calculator is used to quickly determine the expenses that are associated with purchasing a car. The monthly payment amount is calculated from the purchase price of a vehicle, amount of the down payment, value of the vehicle that is being offered for trade, percentage for the sales tax, percentage for the interest rate and the number of payments. There may also be a field for the amount that is currently owed on the vehicle that is being offered for trade. The car finance calculator helps customers to quickly make decisions. 


Car buyers can change the information until a preferable monthly amount has been calculated. The payment amounts can be lowered by increasing the number of payments. The calculators are posted on several websites, which are used to help the buyers to move rapidly from the decision phase to the purchase phase. Shoppers have budgets and need to determine if they can afford to buy a car. A car finance calculator at is used to make calculations with different parameters for a car loan. 


The amounts for interest rates will be different for different lenders. A car buyer may have a personal loan and be eligible for a special interest rate. The car finance calculator can be used to calculate the lowest monthly payment amount from different criteria. The buyer may want to extend or shorten the loan period, which will change the amount of the monthly payments. The accuracy of the car finance calculator should be verified by making the same calculations twice. The best deal can be determined and quickly closed without wasting time. 


Buyers can make very informed decisions with the calculations from a car finance calculator. They can use personal information to make adjustments to the amounts for the monthly payments. A car is a large purchase that will usually require several payments and standard maintenance procedures. The calculations from a car finance calculator permit buyers to shop at home from a plethora of cars and to make a decision about the best deal for their family.

It’s Beneficial To Hire End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

It’s Beneficial To Hire End Of Lease Cleaning Brisbane

Many of those who rent or lease a home of any kind, they may not take the best care of it. Even if a tenant cares for their place, there will always be normal wear and tear. Kids may run all over the carpets, pets may also be in the home, and it’s possible for the walls to become dirty. The more people that are in the home, the more likely the home is to suffer damage. When a tenant moves out of their home, they should hire Quality Cleaning Services : end of lease cleaning Brisbane. Each home should be thoroughly cleaned before the tenant leaves.

Most places that have leases will require a deposit. The deposit will be refunded if the tenants leave the place clean. If the tenant does not want to clean the home, end of lease cleaning Brisbane can do it for them. The stove, the tub, windows, carpets, walls, and the entire home must be cleaned. It’s understandable that moving can be a challenge, so some tenants may not have the time to do any cleaning. If a tenant chooses to work with end of lease cleaning Brisbane, then the tenant can just focus on moving.

Once end of lease cleaning Brisbane is called out to a tenants location, then cleaning can begin right away. The cleaners must be told what needs cleaning. The prices vary, depending on what areas need to be cleaned, the size of the home, and how many cleaners are needed. If a tenant is choosing to hire end of lease cleaning Brisbane, they must be certain of what kind of cleaning they want performed. Once the cleaning is finished, it’s very likely that the tenant will receive their deposit back. A tenant should make sure their home is clean before they move out, so it’s best to hire professional cleaners.